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January 8 — Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin. Babi porridge, Christmas time. Kissel do not cook

CrimeaPRESS reports:

This day was called Babi porridge because the people on January 8 celebrated the feast of midwives, who were especially revered in Holy Rus’. A lot of proverbs and sayings were composed about their God-given gift — «to help the birth mother» — a lot of proverbs and sayings. They said, for example: “Each grandmother has her own tricks”, “Wait, don’t give birth, but go for a grandmother”, “Grandma will come, she will help every business”, “God with mercy, and grandmother with hands”. A good midwife has always been in great demand, because the successful course of childbirth and the birth of a healthy baby depended on her to a large extent.

In addition, the Christmas holidays continue. They began on the evening of Christmas Eve and will end on the morning of the day of the Epiphany. This is the most fun of the winter holidays, both in pre-Christian Rus’ (celebrations dedicated to the god Svyatovit), and in Orthodox Rus’. Fortune-telling, which accompanied the pagan Christmas time, has survived to this day (previously, spells were cast for the year ahead, plus fortune-telling was carried out, the purpose of the most important was to find out about the future harvest).

As for signs, then:

  • If there is a blizzard and frost on this day, then the summer will be cold.
  • If a person was born on January 8, then he will be a good master.
  • He is recommended to wear a diamond as a talisman.
  • Midwives are supposed to give cloth and towels — «on the easy way» by the children they have adopted. In addition, treats are brought to midwives, which promises happiness to the givers, and women — easy childbirth. strong, beautiful and healthy.
  • On the day of January 8, you can not buy ropes or products from them, as this can lead to someone hanging themselves in the family.
  • You can’t cook and eat jelly — this is for the dead.
  • The carolers who came to the house, you must definitely let in and treat with delicious food, which will bring happiness and prosperity, peace and tranquility to the family to the owners of the house.
  • If there is snow and frost outside the window — a sign that that the summer will be rainy and cold.
  • If it is sunny and clear in the morning, expect a good harvest of millet.
  • According to a sign on January 8, porridge burned — there will be snowfalls.
  • Flocks of crows fly overhead — there will be a blizzard.
  • If tits chirp, expect night frosts.
  • If broken dishes or other unnecessary rubbish is taken out of the house on the day of January 8, misfortune will come to the family. .
  • If you heard the singing of a finch, there will soon be a thaw.
  • Snow sticks to your palms — wait heat.
  • The north wind will bring cold and cold with it.
  • If after sunset the sky is colored in red — expect severe frosts.
  • On January 8, fortune-telling for crops and marriage is the most truthful.
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Name days today are celebrated by: Mikhail, Maria, Anfisa, Efim, Grigory, Joseph, David, Isaac, Konstantin, Alexander.

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