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July 21 — Day of Procopius the Reaper. Blueberries?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Why the Harvester? Because in July they began to reap rye. Our ancestors believed that the paint “worm” appeared on Procopius on the ground. It appears miraculously and catches the eye of travelers in the form of a red ball. If someone finds a worm, he will be unusually happy and rich all his life. But this paint of plant origin is very rare, and only a few managed to find it.

And on this day they began to pick blueberries. Even then they knew that this berry has many literally miraculous properties: it can help with visual impairment, rheumatism, digestive diseases, gout, etc.

The main church event of July is that believers celebrate the feast of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God, the appearance of which took place in the 1579 year. Many divine miracles are associated with the icon. The fighters going under the bullets, for example, hid her image on their chests, and the Mother of God on the icon averted death from the soldiers.

On the same day, Christians commemorate the deeds of Procopius the great martyr, canonized for his torment and death in suffering. Procopius was persecuted for his holy faith in Christ, tortured, but he did not renounce Jesus. Before the baptism, Procopius was called Isaac, but Christ himself gave him the name by which the saint is known today.

Signs on 21 July:

  • What is the weather on this day — the same will be on August 2, on the day Elijah the Prophet.
  • If a peasant rakes hay that day, a thunderstorm can burn him.
  • Who is in Prokopiev day bathes — that water worries. And he can take revenge by dragging the unfortunate bather under the water!
  • If on the Kazan new moon, then on this day they judged the weather for August. What is the weather like in the morning — this will be the first half of it, in the afternoon — the second.
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Name days are celebrated today: Alexander, Anastasy, Daniel, Dmitry, Lawrence, Savva, Tatyana, Justus. 1579

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