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July 22 — Cyril and Pankraty. Cucumbers, medicinal herbs, love magic

CrimeaPRESS reports:

People noticed that 22 July begins the time of the strongest summer thunderstorms. At the same time, however, bad weather is usually short-lived.

In the gardens, now they are beginning to harvest the first crop of cucumbers. In the old days, by the way, there was such a belief: in order not to know the shortage of cucumbers the next year, the hostess had to bury the first plucked vegetable and as deep as possible. If this cucumber is dug by a beast or a person, it will be a bad year. But before you do this, you should thank the heavenly patrons of this day — Cyril and Pankratius. The fact that the first cucumber is plucked and buried, none of the household should know!

By the way! The youngest member of the family should be the first to try the cucumbers of the new crop on this day. It is believed that this will make them lose their bitterness.

The healers on Pankratia collected and dried medicinal herbs. It is believed that the day in this regard is special. The herb collected today is indispensable in the rituals of love magic.

And the church 22 in July celebrates the feast day of the holy martyrs Cyril and Pancratius.

  • Pancratius’ parents were born on the territory of Antioch. Father Pankratius, having learned about the birth of Jesus, decided to go to Jerusalem with his family. There he witnessed numerous miracles performed by the Savior, after which he believed in God and met the disciples of Jesus. Later, one of the apostles baptized Pancratius, who, after the death of his parents, went to the Pontic years, living there in a cave. There he met with the Apostle Peter, who invited Pancratius to go with him to Cilicia and Antioch, where the Apostle Paul was at that time. Somewhat later, Paul and Peter ordained Pancratius as a bishop, and for many years he ruled the Sicilian city of Tauromenia. But one day, during an uprising of the pagans, Pankratius was stoned and died from his wounds.
  • As for the holy martyr Cyril. He served as a bishop during the reign of Emperor Maximilian. In 84 he was brought to court, where he was forced to renounce Christ. However, Cyril did not want to worship idols, as a result of which they decided to burn him. But God saved his life, and the emperor, seeing a miracle, ordered Cyril to be released. True, very soon he was arrested again, and this time he was executed.
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The signs for 22 July are as follows:

  • At night, the moon darkened in the sky — it will rain all the end of July.
  • Dim stars — to a thunderstorm.
  • Lilies and water lilies closed in broad daylight — to rain the next day.
  • Frogs croak loudly — for sunny weather. Quiet — rain. You can’t hear the croaking of frogs — it will get colder.
  • In order for cucumbers to grow well, they must be sown on last year’s corn beds.
  • There are many large anthills in forest — to a cold and lingering winter.
  • A rainbow came out that day — to clear weather.

Name days are celebrated today by: Alexander, Kirill, Fedor, Konstantin, Mikhail, Andrey, Ivan.

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