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July 23 — Anthony's Day. Mermaids weave lace

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Why «Rasochnik»? Because 23 in July, a large amount of duckweed appears on the reservoirs, which fish feed on. This plant was also fed to poultry and fertilizers were prepared on its basis. By the way, the people believed: where there is a lot of duckweed, mermaids live there. They didn’t collect all the grass — they left a little. They believed that mermaids weave lace from duckweed and sew dresses for themselves.

There was such a legend about this simple grass among the people: as if it appeared on Earth thanks to a deity personifying rain. Like a peasant, he plowed the surface of the water, planted it with plants — all for the benefit of man!

The church now honors the memory of Anthony of the Caves, who was popularly called the Thunderer. He is known mainly as the founder of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. He was also called the patron saint of Russian monks. The Scripture says that Anthony had the gift of miracles and could heal the sick, predict various events. Today the relics of Anthony have not been found.

As for the weather, great importance 23 in July was given to thunder. Most of the interesting signs were associated with it:

  • A thunderstorm began at night, and frogs jump along the shore? To good weather.
  • Sharp thunder on Anthony — there will be a little rain. A booming thunder — expect a downpour. The thunder is quiet, heard as if from afar — the rain will end soon.
  • The bees buzz loudly, swarm, do not want to stay in the hive for a long time — to hot weather.
  • It is impossible to drive livestock under a canopy — to sunny weather.
  • Pigeons coo lazily — to heat.
  • Flocks crows circle and play overhead — to hot days.
  • Cumulus clouds covered the whole sky — to a strong, heavy wind.
  • Stems potatoes are turned up, towards the sky — towards sunny weather. Wilted — to the rain.
  • Rainbow in the first half of the day — to a strong wind.
  • The rye ripened well — to a good bite of an eel.
  • There are a lot of midges around the evening fire — to good weather.
  • There is less water in the well and in the river — to heat.
  • Butterflies are not visible — to the rain.
  • Snails high on the trees — to heavy rain.
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Name days 23 of July are celebrated by: Alexander, Daniel, Georgy, Leonty, Peter, Anton.

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