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July 24 is the Day of Olga, Yefimya the stewardess. Pray for good weather

CrimeaPRESS reports:

These days it was time for suffering. At the same time, as a rule, it rained with thunderstorms and lightning. Therefore, the people zealously prayed 24 July to the holy princess Olga, so that she would send good weather and help finish the harvest as quickly as possible. Among the people, this day is also called «Olga the hay worm».

As for the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga, whose memory is honored on this day. First of all, she became famous not only for the fact that she cruelly avenged the Drevlyans for the death of her husband, Prince Igor, but also managed to strengthen the Old Russian state and, having been baptized herself, actively preached a new faith and contributed to the formation of Orthodoxy in Russia. Under Olga, the first Christian churches were built, preparations were made for the general baptism of Russia.

And also 24 in July, the constellation Ursa Major (Stozhary) is especially clearly visible. Many signs are associated with him among the people. It is believed that this huge bucket, woven from stars, affects the weather, as well as the life of some plants and animals. Previously, people believed that it was around this constellation that all the heavenly bodies revolve.

The signs for today are as follows:

  • The constellation Ursa Major is located low — towards late leaf fall.
  • Leeches to the surface the waters rose — to a strong wind, to a storm.
  • A spider sits in the middle of the web — to a downpour.
  • Thunder rumbles — the next day there will be good fishing.
  • Deaf peals of thunder are heard in the distance — the rain will soon stop. Thunder rumbles loudly — to a heavy downpour.
  • A lot of dew in the garden — to a crop failure of tomatoes.
  • Sunny, hot day — to a good harvest of grain.
  • In the evening there are a lot of mosquitoes — to the harvest of berries. Moshkara is teeming — there will be a lot of mushrooms in the fall.
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Name days are now celebrated: Arkady, Elena, Lev, Olga.

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