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July 27 — Day of Stefan the Wonderworker. Lightning? Evil comes out…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Believe it or not, but the people believed that from 27 July, autumn is gradually coming. This fact was confirmed by nature itself, arranging a “weather Armageddon”. As a rule, during these 24 hours a strong wind rises and a thunderstorm rages.

And also, according to ancient beliefs, 27 in July, an unclean force comes into the world in the form of lightning, which they were very afraid of and tried not to leave their homes during a thunderstorm without special need. They also believed that evil spirits could turn into a bird, a pet, and even a child. To prevent dirty tricks on the part of demons, people carefully watched the fields. Patrols were widespread — when the peasants took turns going out into the field and making sure that the hay was not dispelled by the wind.

A sign was widespread, according to which it is necessary to appease Polevoy — the spirit that lives in the field. To protect the crops from bad weather, they prepared a pot of porridge, which was left at the last harvest strip. A bunch of rye was placed on the strip itself. It was believed that this ceremony is the key to a good harvest next year.

The Church now honors the memory of St. Akil — one of the 70 apostles. By origin he was a Jew and was born in Pontus, but subsequently lived in Rome until the emperor Claudius issued a decree for his exile. Together with his wife Priscilla, Akila settled in Corinth and there he met the Apostle Paul. Together they began to spread the Christian faith.

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In addition, July is one of the days on which the memory of Stefan of Makhrishchsky, the famous miracle worker and founder of several monasteries, is venerated. Also, it is he who is a contemporary of Sergius of Radonezh.

Weather signs are as follows:

  • Sunny day — to a favorable autumn.
  • Silent thunder — to a little rain. Loud — to a lingering downpour.
  • Thunder rumbles for a long time, but it doesn’t rain — to hail.
  • Dry air — to sunny weather .
  • There are a lot of bats in the evening — for hot weather.
  • Cumulus clouds with “shaggy” edges are floating across the sky — for worsening weather .
  • Nature 27 July has a special healing power. Therefore, this day is best spent outside the city, in the forest or in the park.
  • Travel and long trips on this day will benefit everyone.
  • It started to rain heavily — to the abundance of mushrooms in the forest.

Name days are celebrated today by: Fedor, Nikolai, Konstantin, Stepan, Peter, Ivan, Heraclius.

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