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July 7 is the day of Ivan Kupala. Fern blooms, magic happens, wishes come true

CrimeaPRESS reports:

July 7 is a festive day and, according to popular belief, very bright. Comes from our Slavic past. The people believed that any water on Ivan Kupala has healing properties. Therefore, it was customary to bathe without fail — this made it possible to get rid of a variety of ailments. Also on July 7, a tradition was spread to burn bonfires and jump over them — they believed that it was possible to burn all diseases this way. They made a wish, which, as they believed, would come true if they managed to jump over the fire.

In addition, the people firmly believed that Ivanovo night was the time of witches, sorcerers, brownies, water, mermaids and goblin. They roam the world and watch people: they can seduce someone into sin, or even ruin them altogether, while others, on the contrary, are helped.

And yet nature on July 7 — only for one day a year — opens up to people. It shows its secrets, makes medicinal herbs magical and can even endow a person with great power. True, not «for nothing.» To get all these benefits, you need to find a flowering fern on the night of Ivan Kupala. According to legend, first a bud grows from the leaves of a fern, which grows and rises, and then turns over and jumps. After that, the kidney bursts loudly and turns into a beautiful fiery flower. The bud that appears is so beautiful and bright that a person cannot just look at it. Also, people claimed that immediately after the appearance of a flower, it is torn off by someone’s invisible hand. And the task of the person who goes for the flower is to pluck it before it disappears and take it for himself.

Then, according to some stories, the lucky one must put the flower in his bosom and flee from the forest, as all the evil spirits that live in the forest will immediately run after him. According to another legend, before picking a flower, a person must draw a circle around the fern. And after the daredevil takes possession of the flower, he needs to stay in this circle until dawn. So he will be able to avoid a collision with evil spirits.

As follows from the legend, a person who can save a flower until morning and remain alive will become a real magician. He will know everything about the past and the future, and all secrets will be revealed to him. The owner of the magic flower will learn to speak the languages ​​of animals, birds and insects. In addition, with the help of a flower, a person will be able to find all the treasures and open any locks. Also, a person will have one more ability — he will be able to become invisible.

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The legend also says that a person who picks a fern flower on Ivan Kupala will have all these abilities, as long as the bud is kept safe and sound. The loss of a flower means the loss of all magical abilities.

What does a fern flower look like? No one knows. It has never been found yet. Someone believes that this is a large red, even «fiery» flower. According to other sources, it is silver, others say that it is a small white flower. However, the description agrees on one thing — the color of the fern glows. From here came its other names: luminous flower, adonis, heat-color, color-light.

Signs for July 7:

  • Whoever bathes on Ivan Kupala will get rid of all diseases.
  • If you make a guess on the Kupala night desire and have time to jump over the fire at this moment — it will definitely come true!
  • A lot of dew — cucumbers will be born well.
  • Many stars on the sky — to a good bite and a harvest of mushrooms.
  • All medicinal herbs collected on this day double their healing power.
  • Fall asleep on the night of Ivan Kupala — unfortunately, and even to unexpected death.
  • It started to rain on Ivanov’s day — it will go on for another five days.
  • A thunderstorm on this day — to a crop failure of nuts.
  • If Kupala dew is sprinkled on the bed, bugs will never start in it. If you sprinkle the walls with it, then there will be no cockroaches.
  • The aroma of flowers is especially strong — for rain.
  • Bitten by a Kupala snake will soon die.
  • If on the night of Ivan Kupala you burn the patient’s clothes at the stake, he will soon recover.

Name days are celebrated today: Anton, Ivan, Yakov, Nikita.

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