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June 24 — Bartholomew's Day. You can see mermaids, and in the fields an unknown force is naughty

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Also, this day was popularly called Barnabas, Barnabas the strawberry, Barnabas’s day. June, our ancestors were sure, you can’t tear the grass — an unknown force rides through the fields, meadows, dales and forests at noon and divides the territory among themselves. They decide: who should confuse the reins and collars in the hallway, who should fill the grasses with poisonous heat, and who should cry like a baby in the well and scare the human race. That’s why they didn’t mow down: it was believed that you would bring evil spirits into the house. Also, according to popular beliefs, all medicinal plants are now becoming poisonous.

And also — this is the time of mermaid days. You can see these creatures. They have fun, walk through the fields and forests, swing on the branches of trees and celebrate weddings. The husbands of mermaids, by the way, are tickled (by themselves to death) guys or goblin.

The Church now honors the memory of the Apostle Bartholomew and the Apostle Barnabas. The first after the descent of the Holy Spirit by lot preached the Gospel in Syria and Asia Minor, traveled to India and ended his days in Armenia, where he was captured and crucified upside down. The Apostle Barnabas, a friend of the Apostle Paul, preached in Antioch, Rome and Cyprus. About a year, according to legend, the pagans beat the apostle with stones and tried to burn him, but his body remained unharmed.

As for the weather signs for 24 June, then:

  • Do pigeons hide on a sunny day? To bad weather.
  • Swifts are not visible in clear weather — to a thunderstorm.
  • Bees do not fly into the field in the morning , and in the hives they sit and buzz strongly — to precipitation.
  • Sunrise is accompanied by stuffiness — to bad weather.
  • Fog creeping on the water — to a noble harvest of mushrooms.
  • If it smells stuffy and strongly of honeysuckle in the morning — to bad weather.
  • Ducks are actively diving and splashing — to the rain.
  • The sun is pale in the morning — it will flood in the evening.
  • Red rainbow — the rain will stop pouring, blue — to the rain and wind.
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Name days are celebrated today: Bartholomew, Mary, Barnabas, Vassian, Ephraim, Kindey, Theopent. 62

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