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KFU knows what weather awaits Crimea in summer

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Crimean peninsula is expecting a classic summer with sufficient rainfall. Heavy showers are possible, especially in the middle of the summer season, but weather conditions depend on changes in the course of the atmosphere. According to Igor Vakhrushev, Associate Professor of the Tourism Department of the Crimean Federal University, temperature drops and small deviations from monthly norms in May are the result of global changes in the atmosphere.

Cold May is one of the consequences of minor changes in circulation in the atmosphere. Changes in daily temperature. In the coming days, frosts are expected in the steppe regions and foothills of Crimea. These temperature fluctuations are also a consequence of global warming. They will not lead to catastrophic changes, but they can affect the daily lives of citizens.— the press service of Igor Vakhrushev quotes.

The expert also added that weather forecasters recorded such phenomena in winter, when the first months were accompanied by low rainfall. According to Igor Vakhrushev, in any case, the average annual temperatures will be dialed, and the swimming season, by analogy with last year, while maintaining warm stable weather on the peninsula, may be shifted by several months.

source: KFU press service

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