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KFU proposed to use the Black Sea as a base for the development of marine industries

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Fish farming is carried out on the territory of the Crimean peninsula due not only to the presence of rivers, lakes and reservoirs, but also to the Black Sea. In recent years, specialists have successfully grown trout in its water area. Last year, the scale of production of marine farms amounted to 40 tons of products, and in 2023 the figure will increase several times. In the future, it is planned to bring production up to 1.5 thousand tons of products per year. This was announced by Associate Professor of the Department of Ecology and Zoology of the Crimean Federal University, Head of the Department of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea Vladimir Gaydayenko.

One of the most acute problems in world aquaculture is the utilization of organic compounds resulting from the operation of commercial farms, which include feed particles, as well as waste from production in water areas (fish excrement, scale cover residues), which then, in addition to creating an unfavorable hydrochemical background, become a substrate for the development of pathogenic microorganisms. Fish farmers are forced to take these factors into account when planning their activities. In this regard, as Vladimir Gaidaenko notes, the resource potential of the Black Sea can be considered not only from the point of view of «clean water areas», but also in terms of using «dead zones», starting from depths of 120-150 meters.

Three billion tons of organic matter of various nature annually settles to the bottom of the Black Sea, which then burns in the hydrogen sulfide layer. Thus, we have a huge potential for organic discharge during the development of marine industries. Therefore, one of the most important areas, of course, is the development of technologies for growing commercial fish in «open water» conditions.— emphasizes the expert.

Artificial reservoirs, where carps, silver carps, white carps were grown, depend on the supply of water through the North Crimean Canal. With the resumption of the canal, irrigation of agricultural land and the functioning of fish farms on the peninsula are gradually being restored.

The central highway of the North Crimean Canal is already in operation, but the side branches and facilities adjacent to them are not yet functioning in sufficient volume. About 1,100 hectares have been allocated for the cultivation of fish seed for farms engaged in the production of marketable fish. If we talk about large fish farms, then 5,000 hectares have been laid out for them, and in Crimea these are Krasnoperekopsky fish farm, Nizhnegorsky fish farm, Rybkolkhoz «Volna Revolution», Razdolnensky fish farm and Ishunsky fish farm. In my opinion, this is the peak potential for the region. Therefore, emphasis is now being placed on small farms, which in their mass can provide a sufficient amount of fish. In order to develop them further, it is necessary to launch reservoirs— says Vladimir Gaydayenko.

According to him, one of the examples of successful fish farming is carp breeding in Crimea. This breed has a high nutritional value and taste. In addition, carp is resistant to various climatic conditions, which makes it ideal for breeding.

Carp is not only a valuable fish with unlimited growth potential, but also a valuable object for breeding. On average, carp need 150 days to reach the desired growth. We have known for a long time the method of obtaining offspring and the technology of its breeding and have been successfully applied. There are about 80 fish farms in Crimea, 25 of them work for the production of marketable products, and five large farms play a key role in supplying the carp complex to the consumer’s table. This is about 5000 tons of products per year— specifies Vladimir Gaydayenko.

According to the expert, the restoration of fish farms can be achieved by monitoring the state of fish stocks and the ecological situation, including through the timely prevention of the spread of the disease in infected individuals. In order to respond to possible problems and take timely measures to eliminate them, the fisheries of the peninsula need qualified specialists. According to the Crimean Ministry of Agriculture, there is a shortage of personnel in the industry among biologists who know ichthyopathology, fish farmers, and shellfish growers.

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source: KFU press service

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