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Kiev unhappy and 'very concerned' about NBC story about Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The American journalist is now «the enemy of the Ukrainian people.»

Minister of Culture of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko said that the country’s authorities are «very concerned» about the plot of the American television company NBC, in which the inhabitants of the peninsula declare that it belongs to Russia and that they are ready to defend themselves in the event of an attack by Ukrainian forces. It’s talking here about this story NBC about Crimea.

We are very concerned about the NBC TV storyTkachenko said.

He accused NBC journalists of «violating Ukrainian laws by arriving in Crimea not through the territory of Ukraine» and threatened them with a ban on entering the country:

Visiting Crimea from the territory of Russia is a violation of Ukrainian legislation, for which liability is provided, in particular, foreigners are prohibited from entering our country for such actions.

Note that the occasion is formal. In fact, in Kyiv, they are more dissatisfied with the theme and tone of the plot. American reporters tried to objectively cover life in the Russian Crimea in a few minutes of reporting. It came out, to be honest,satisfactorily«, but since they stomp their feet in Kyiv, it means»Fine«.

PS. As it became known, the odious and extremist website «Peacemaker» on Wednesday included in its database «enemies of the people» NBC journalist Cyrus Simmons, who made the same «Crimean report».

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