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Likbez: «combined mortgage» is … What are the chances that the project will «work» in the Crimea and Sevastopol?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The government, experts of of the First Federal Real Estate Chat «Honest Realtor » say, allowed to combine preferential mortgages for new buildings with a market one. Thus, the maximum loan amount will increase to 30 million rubles. for Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad regions and up to mln rub. — for other regions.

Combined mortgage options

The combination of preferential and market mortgages expands the possibilities of borrowers in terms of the maximum loan amount. That is, the borrower can buy an apartment of greater value, area or higher class. For example, when buying an apartment for 16 million rubles, in order to fit into the program, previously it was necessary to have an initial contribution of 4 million rubles. Under the new conditions, the amount of the loan can be larger. At the same time 12 million rubles. will be credited at a preferential rate, and the excess difference — at the market or subsidized from the developer, explained Anatoly Perfilyev, junior director for banking ratings at Expert RA.

In our example, 4 million rubles. can also be taken from the bank at the market rate — depending on the bank’s requirements for the amount of the down payment. Accordingly, a subsidized mortgage in terms of exceeding the preferential one can offer the client a below-market rate,” said Perfilyev. “Other things being equal, earlier 4 million rubles. from our example (with their lack), the borrower could receive by taking a consumer loan, and now this amount can be included in one loan at a rate higher than the concessional, but lower than a consumer loan , — says the expert.

How it will work

The banks themselves, emphasize the specialists of the Telegram channel “Honest Realtor”, cannot yet explain how the combined mortgage will work. The press service of Sberbank stated that they support «the proposal of the Russian government to combine preferential mortgages with a market one and are working out mechanisms for implementing such a program.»

What do they think about the combined mortgage on the Crimean Peninsula

Crimea, and to a greater extent Sevastopol, are regions in which housing prices have grown uncontrollably in the past few years. Today, the subjects occupy top places in the ranking of cities with the highest cost «per square» both in the primary (new buildings) and in the secondary real estate markets. And this fact is the main reason why mortgage lending here is a banking service that is of interest to many. Moreover, both local buyers and “mainland” real estate buyers resort to such “monetary support”.

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Will combined mortgages be in demand if such a proposal appears in the “portfolios” of local banks? Experts estimate the prospects of the project cautiously.

I do not think that this will affect Crimea. The sums are not ours, Moscow. At this stage, in principle, the demand for mortgage lending has fallen somewhat. There is no queue of borrowers in banks for any mortgages — potential buyers of real estate are worried about their ability to pay in the future. The main transactions involving bank funds today are “small mortgage leverage” (small borrowed amounts) , — says Natalya Massalskaya, director of the Multidom Academy of Sciences.

At the same time, they consider in AN «Multidom» , there is a weighty reason that can increase interest in mortgage lending. Namely: in March, we recall, when the Central Bank raised the key rate to a record 12% and the population began to massively take money from deposits, it was decided to significantly increase deposit rates in order to offset this outflow of funds. The move worked, bank depositors returned and their liquidity was restored. But it was agreed that these «expensive deposits» were short-term.

So now their action ends. In other words, at the end of May-beginning of June, such investors will receive money with increased interest accrued during this time. The question arises — where to invest them? Take it back to the bank? Hardly… Real estate is definitely the best option. Apartments, houses, land plots — especially on the territory of the Crimean peninsula — are currently the most acceptable investment option. Property prices are constantly on the rise. And certainly here we operate with large amounts, when compared with standard bank interest on deposits. And, of course, many buyers at the same time will be interested in various mortgage programs — just a few can immediately invest millions in real estate in any case , — says Natalya Massalskaya.

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