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Likbez: how to find out the cadastral value of real estate

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In 2020 year in all regions of Russia, reports RBC-Nedvizhimost, the state cadastral valuation of land plots will take place, and in 2023 year — capital construction projects. Such a norm was introduced by Federal Law No. 269-FZ, adopted in July 2020 of the year. According to the law, a cadastral valuation must be carried out every four years, and in cities of federal significance — once every two years (if such a decision is made).

A cadastral valuation is necessary to determine the cadastral value of a property, on the basis of which property tax and land tax are calculated. Rosreestr experts explained how not only to find out the cadastral value of a property, but also to get acquainted with the history of its changes.

What is the cadastral value

The cadastral value of a real estate object is the result of an object valuation received on a certain date, determined in accordance with No. -FZ. The cadastral value is mainly determined by the pricing policy of a particular region. Unlike the market value, the cadastral value does not take into account the individual characteristics of housing, such as the state of repair and plumbing, the view from the window, etc. The location, year of construction and the condition of the house affect both the market and cadastral value of the object.

The cadastral value of real estate objects is determined by state budgetary institutions specially created in the regions, and approved by authorized executive authorities.

Purposes of calculating the cadastral value:

How to find out the cadastral value of a property

There are several ways to do this.

The cadastral value can be found using an extract from the USRN. It is provided free of charge within three business days. You can get such an extract by visiting one of the offices of the MFC, as well as apply online on the official website of Rosreestr.

The cadastral value can be obtained using the service «Obtaining information from the State Cadastral Valuation Data Fund» on the Rosreestr website. To do this, select the «Search by cadastral number» tab, enter it and click on search. As a result, information will appear on the cadastral value of the property, the date of its determination and application. It will also display data on how the cadastral value of the object has changed after each state cadastral valuation.

The cadastral value can be found by referring to the public cadastral map. This service allows you to find out the cadastral value of land plots and capital construction objects (buildings, structures). To get information, just select an object on the map by cadastral number or use the advanced search.

The service «Reference information on real estate objects online» on the website of Rosreestr also allows you to find out the cadastral value of the object. Using this service, you can view the cadastral value of real estate (including premises, apartments, offices), as well as the date on which the cadastral value was determined. The search is carried out both by the cadastral number of the property and by its address.

Rosreestr adds that in the same service you can download a report on the results of the state cadastral valuation, get acquainted with information about which regional authority decided to conduct a state cadastral valuation, find out the name of the budgetary institution that prepared the report on the results of the state cadastral valuation, and also details of the act on approval of the results of determining the cadastral value. All service information is provided free of charge in real time.

    Reasons for changing the cadastral value

A change in value may occur if the characteristics of the object have changed between evaluation rounds. For example, the cadastral value may increase if the area of ​​​​the object has become larger (they have made an extension to the house, increased the size of the land plot), if the infrastructure has been developed (new social facilities, metro, etc. have appeared nearby), if the property has been reconstructed.

The cadastral value may decrease if the area of ​​the object has decreased, as well as when the object is heavily worn.

How to revise the cadastral value

If the cost has changed a lot up or down, then it can be revised at the request of the owner, they explain in Rosreestr. To do this, you need to contact the state budgetary institution that conducted the cadastral valuation, or the MFC.

When submitting an application, the following documents must be attached:

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