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Likbez: how to get a tax deduction for finishing an apartment

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Part of the money for the purchase and decoration of the apartment can be returned. For this, portal experts explain Domclickyou need to apply for a tax deduction: submit an application to the Federal Tax Service and confirm expenses.

In the article we tell who will receive part of the money for finishing and what to do for this.

Who is eligible for the deduction

A tax deduction reduces the income from which the government takes tax. Those who applied will be refunded part of the expenses. Every citizen of the Russian Federation who pays personal income tax — 13% of income is entitled to the deduction.

The deduction for the purchase and finishing of housing has a limit of 2 million rubles per person. It is issued for life: you can apply for several apartments or houses, but the total amount of the deduction will be the same. This rule applies to housing that was bought from January 1, 2014. For apartments and houses that were bought earlier, it is different: the deduction is made out only for one object, even if it cost less than 2 million rubles.

The state will return 13% of the amount of the deduction. The maximum is 260 thousand rubles.

Let’s look at an example. The apartment cost 1.8 million rubles. We paid 600,000 for finishing. It turns out that we are deducting 1.8 million for the apartment itself and 200,000 for finishing. We return 260 thousand rubles.

Spouses can each receive a deduction for an apartment in full, even if the apartment was issued to one of them. It will turn out up to 4 million rubles of deduction for one apartment and up to 520 thousand rubles of return.

Important: The tax deduction is for finishing, and not for repairs: only if the apartment is in a new building, bought from the developer and sold without finishing. The latter is fixed in the contract. If part of the work is carried out by the developer, the cost of the apartment and decoration are divided in the document.

What expenses qualify for deduction

The deduction can be received for drawing up a project and estimates, the purchase of building materials and the work of craftsmen. For payment for the services of interior designers and the purchase of furniture, funds are not returned.

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Landmark — section 43.3 OKVED. There are finishing works for which you can get a deduction. This includes laying tiles, installing doors and windows, installing kitchen units and other home improvement work.

In contracts and acts, use the wording from OKVED, and not those accepted by the contractor: this way the tax office will not have any questions.

The cost of building materials is also deductible, so keep receipts for primer, putty, plaster, paint, and wallpaper. But the new puncher cannot be taken into account: it is impossible to get a deduction for the funds spent on tools.

How to claim a tax deduction for finishing

To receive a tax deduction, you need to prove expenses. Keep all checks, contracts, acts, receipts. Electronic checks are fine too.

Sign a contract for finishing work. Better — with an individual entrepreneur or a company: they are registered and pay taxes. They will not be scared that you are going to issue a deduction, and the cost of the work will not increase. In addition, they will easily provide all the necessary documents.

If you contact a private master, be sure to enter his passport data into the contract, otherwise you may not receive a deduction.

The deduction for finishing is drawn up together with the deduction for the purchase of housing. There are two ways to apply: through the employer and independently, along with the 3-NDFL declaration.

To make a deduction, you will need:

  • application for a tax refund to receive a deduction through the employer
  • a copy of the certificate of ownership or an extract from the USRN
  • a copy of the contract of sale, provided that the apartment was purchased from the developer
  • a copy of the acceptance certificate
  • copies of documents confirming expenses: checks, invoices, contracts with contractors, receipts and payments
  • certificate 2-NDFL for the reporting tax period
  • copy of the passport

It is important to follow the wording in the documents. If instead of “finishing” there appears “repair”, and the names of the work do not match OKVED, the deduction may be denied.

If the repair is delayed, it’s not scary: deduction documents are submitted at least every year until the amount reaches 2 million rubles. Or served once, when the decoration is finished — this is also possible.

source: Domclick

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