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Likbez: temporary registration. Application procedure, required documents

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Temporary registration, remind the experts of the portal World of Apartments, implies the registration of citizens at the place of residence. Such registration differs from permanent registration in the procedure for registration and in that it has a limited validity period.

We tell you how registration is done, which properties are suitable for temporary residence, where to apply and how much you will have to pay a fine if you miss the registration deadline.

Features of temporary registration and its differences from permanent

Registration is often referred to as propiska, but the legally correct term is registration. The Russian Federation provides for two types of registration — permanent, which is also called registration at the place of residence, and temporary, which is called registration at the place of stay.

The main characteristics of permanent registration are as follows:

permanent registration is termless — the expiration date of its validity is not indicated;

deregistration can be done at the request of a person who intends to permanently reside elsewhere, or by a court decision;

if a person wants to apply for permanent registration in another place, he must first be deregistered at the place of his current place of residence ;

in case of a change of place of residence, it is necessary to change the data on the place of permanent registration within a period not exceeding 7 days.

7870923847297193864 Features of temporary registration are as follows:

The main purpose of temporary registration is the fulfillment of the norms determined by law. But registration will also be required to resolve various legal issues. For example, it is needed in order to apply for benefits, receive a pension.

If you need to temporarily register, you need to consider one feature. If you are temporarily located in the same subject where permanent registration is issued, then you do not need to register temporarily. For example, if a person permanently lives in one city of the Voronezh region, but plans to temporarily stay in another city of the same region, he does not need to register temporarily.

In which properties can I register

This can be done:

in apartments that are classified as non-residential. But those who want to register in apartments at the place of residence (permanent registration) should take into account that this cannot be done. The law prohibits the registration of citizens at the place of permanent residence in premises that do not belong to the non-residential fund.

If a building is in a state of disrepair and it is determined that it needs to be demolished, you cannot register in it. It is also worth considering that after the decision to demolish the building is issued, registration in it will be terminated.

Do I need to get someone’s consent when registering

If the owner of an object or its share is registered, it is not necessary to obtain the consent of other owners or those persons who also live in the premises. If the registration is for a person who does not own the property or share in it, the consent of all owners is required.

For registration in objects related to the state fund, the consent of all adults who are registered in it and their family members is required.

Homeowners or other citizens can confirm their consent to the registration of a citizen in the body in which he will draw up an application. But if for some reason it is impossible to visit the registration authority, you can issue a written consent and certify it with a notary.

Peculiarities of registration of foreign citizens

According to the law, foreign citizens are registered immediately after they arrive in the Russian Federation. This must be done no later than 7 days from the date of arrival. But in some cases, this period may be longer. For example, for citizens of Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, such a period is 05 days.

For foreigners, registration is a procedure during which the Migration Service receives notification of:

Penalties for violation of registration rules

For citizens who did not register within the time frame established by law, the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation provides for punishment in the form of a fine. Moreover, the fine will be paid not only by the person who did not register, but also by the one who provided him with housing for temporary stay with violations of the registration rules.

Missing the registration deadlines will not in every case be a reason for prosecution. The fine is not payable by persons living in premises owned or registered by their relative. For example, a spouse, child, mother or father, grandparents, grandson or granddaughter, brother or sister, ward or guardian, trustee. But in order not to pay a fine, it is necessary to provide documentary evidence of kinship and that the person owns the premises, is a tenant or is registered in it.

According to the provisions of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, the amount of the fine in case of violation of the registration rules can be as follows:

The fine may be higher if the violation is recorded in Moscow or St. Petersburg. In this case, it will be:

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