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Likbez: what do capital repairs contributions go to and how can tenants control these costs?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Sergey Sergeev, head of the Utilities, Energy and Property Management practice of the Arbat Moscow Bar Association, answers. Repairs carried out during the overhaul include:

  • intra-house engineering systems, that is, electrical wiring, heating systems, water supply and sanitation;
  • roofs;
  • basements;
  • facade;
  • foundation.

Regional authorities, notes the portal Compare.ruat their discretion, can expand this minimum list of works.

The schedule for the overhaul is approved by the regional authorities. Specific dates for the work can be clarified on the website of the regional capital repair fund, which operates in your region. Information about the planned repair can be found on the GIS Housing and Utilities website.

The management company transfers the funds received to the regional overhaul funds or to a special house account (if the owners of the house made such a decision). The Fund, in turn, hires contractors and supervises their repair work.

The meeting of owners of an apartment building may decide to refuse the services of the regional overhaul fund and open a separate account to which contributions will be transferred. In this case, the meeting also determines the amount of the monthly contribution (not less than the minimum contribution established by the region), the owner of the account (HOA, housing cooperative or management company) and the bank in which the account will be opened. The decision of the general meeting of owners is sent to the regional capital repair fund, and the elected account holder applies to the bank to open an account. After the necessary amount has been accumulated on the account and the time for overhaul has come, the residents independently determine the contractor who carries out the work.

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How to control overhaul?

The main and most common way is to contact the Criminal Code or the HOA when a poor-quality repair is found. However, this method is slow, since the request can be considered for a month or more.

A much more reasonable way is to initially control the repair through a contractor, who is determined either by the tenants at a general house meeting, or delegate this responsibility to the Criminal Code. These methods apply to cases when tenants form an invoice for major repairs.

Otherwise, the FCR is fully responsible for the repair.


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