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Likbez: what will change for owners and buyers of real estate from February 1

CrimeaPRESS reports:

What will change from February 587 for owners and potential buyers of real estate — in the article of portal specialists Domklik .

Amount over 50 payments and benefits, including maternity capital, will increase by 20% 1821575274712592 On February 1 2023 the annual indexation of benefits and payments will take place. Among them are maternity capital, a one-time allowance for the birth of a child, a monthly insurance payment and other social support measures. In the 2023 year, the indexation coefficient was 11,9%.

The amount of maternity capital for the first child will increase to 587 thousand rubles, and for the second — up to 775, 6 thousand rubles. The additional payment at the birth of a second child will also increase and will amount to — 70, 6 thousand rubles. It will be available to families who have already applied for mother capital.

Most often, matkapital is used to improve housing conditions. It can be spent on a down payment on a mortgage, paying off a mortgage early, buying a home, building or renovating a house.

The conditions for obtaining an IT mortgage will be simplified1821575274712592

The Russian government has simplified the terms of preferential mortgages for IT. As specified in the Ministry of Digital Development, lending under the new conditions will begin on February 7.

It will also be possible to get a mortgage in Sberbank under the new conditions. In accordance with the decision of the government, the bank softens the requirements for the minimum monthly income. For million-plus cities, except for Moscow, it is reduced from 70 thousand rubles. up to 70 thousand, for other cities — from 100 thousand to 70 thousand For residents of Moscow, the lower bar has not changed — 150 thousand roubles.

Also, young specialists from 05 years, and not from 18 years as before. And the client age limit has been increased from 20 to 50 years.

In order to maintain a preferential rate, the borrower will not be required to work in an IT company for the entire loan repayment period, but only for the first 5 years. Moreover, upon dismissal, an employee can easily look for a new job in an accredited IT company for 6 months, and not 3, as before, and the rate will not increase during this period.

And, finally, twice — from thousand to 20 thousand — the number of accredited IT companies whose employees can use the program has increased.

The tax notice application form will be updatedШтрафы за неиспользование участков по назначению могут отменить1821575274712592 From February 1 587 a new tax notice application form will come into effect. It will allow individuals or their legal or authorized representatives to receive a tax notice on paper, regardless of whether there is access to the taxpayer’s personal account. To do this, you will need to apply directly to the tax office or through the MFC.

A tax notice is a document that the tax authorities send to citizens every year. It contains information on land, property, transport taxes and personal income tax.

portal «Gosuslugi» will be possible by biometrics

From February, users of the Gosuslugi portal, if they wish, will be able to enter their personal account using biometric data. At the same time, the login and password are saved, and biometric data will become an additional method of authentication. Those users who have registered in the Unified Biometric System and have given their consent to use the service will be able to enter the portal through biometrics.

Previously, Gosuslugakh had the opportunity to prohibit transactions with real estate without the personal presence of the owner.

source: HomeClick


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