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March 10 is the day of Taras the Sleepless. Be afraid of meeting with Kumakh

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 10, the church honors the memory of the clergyman Tarasius, who lived at the end of the 8th — beginning of the 9th centuries. He is also known as the Patriarch of Constantinople. Believers praise him for his good deeds and mercy: he defended the weak and the disadvantaged. Thanks to his activities, numerous shelters and hospitals were built.

In Rus’, the clergyman was called Taras the Sleepless or Taras the Kumashnik. They attributed to him one magical skill: they asked him for help when they tried to be cured of kumakhi (kumokha). This «sore» has two definitions:

  • the first is spring nap. Sleep knocks the weak off their feet, all the time you want to sleep. And on the day of Tarasia it is forbidden to sleep during the day, otherwise this very Kumaha will attack you.
  • the second is fever. The people saw this disease as a kind of evil creature. They represented a disgusting old woman, giving her a name — Kumaha. It was said that she comes into the house, penetrates its inhabitants in order to «chill people — torturing a sinful body, twisting white bones.» Tarasia was asked to protect from infection.

As for weather signs, then:

  • If the horns of the month are steep on March 10, they expected frosts in the near future.
  • If snow falls on Tarasia, the week before Easter will be rainy and cold.
  • The cawing of crows is heard — the summer will be rainy, with a lot of rain.
  • Rooks make nests in trees — you can count on the establishment of consistently warm weather.
  • If cabbage and tomatoes are planted on March 10, then this promises a good harvest.
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Name days are celebrated today: Anton, Evgeny, Taras, Fedor.

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