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March 11 — Bird's Day, St. Porphyry's Day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 11, they believed in Rus’, the birds that returned to their native lands begin to build nests. That is why this day was called — Bird’s Day. At the same time, however, they said: “You should not believe in the early spring — the frosts will return and the crops will be destroyed.” In addition, there was a belief: on March 11, young men bypassed beautiful women, who, according to legend, were inhabited by kikimors. They seduced the guys, lured them into the forest and took away their power, or even killed them.

The church on this day honors St. Porphyry, the Archbishop of Gaza. Known for asserting Christianity while fighting the pagans. Numerous miracles and healings were performed through his prayers.

The people, paying attention to the weather, tried to predict its behavior in the near future:

  • Birds returned from warmer lands earlier — to a rich harvest of grain crops.
  • Birds build their nests in the south — the summer will be cool.
  • A blizzard is blowing — the snow will melt very soon, but the summer will be rainy and cool.
  • Starry sky — to the summer drought.
  • The snow on Porfiry has melted — expect frost in the coming days.
  • If the birds make their nests on the shady side, the summer will be warm.
  • It’s snowing — there will be a lot of precipitation in the summer.
  • Rooks have arrived — the snow will melt soon, but the summer will be cold.
  • Sparrows flock together — the weather will be dry and sunny in the very near future.
  • Pigeons cooing on the street — wait for warming.
  • Crows are circling overhead — to warming.
  • Pigeons hide under the roof — warming will be very soon.
  • High clouds portend clear weather.
  • Fog in the morning — it will be inclement weather. Fog in the evening portends a warm morning.
  • A strong wind blew — the frosts are coming to an end.
  • There are no clouds in the sky at night, stars are visible — expect a hot summer with a lot of thunderstorms.
  • A south or southwest wind blows — a thaw will come.
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Name days on March 11 are celebrated by: Asfeya, Ivan, Nikolai, Porfiry, Sevastyan, Teresa.

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