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March 12 — Prokop-Perezimnik Day. Winter gives way to spring

CrimeaPRESS reports:

All! On the Day of Prokop-Perezimnik, the people believed, winter finally gives way to spring! Prokop was also called the «Road Breaker» and «Road Digger» — the sun warmed more and more and the mud began.

In the church calendar, on these days, the memory of the Monk Procopius Dekapolit is venerated. He lived in the 8th century. He is famous for his purity of soul and ascetic way of life.

Signs for March 12, for the most part, are not related to the weather:

  • The willow buds swelled that day — you can expect a rich harvest. If the willow blossoms from the middle, there is no need to hope for the first shoots.
  • Snowdrops have appeared — it’s time to start field work.
  • The willow blossoms — a sign that it is time to sow.
  • Buds swell — wait for warming.

Name days are celebrated today: at Makar, Mikhail, Nison, Peter, Prokop, Sergei, Stepan, Timothy, Julian, Yakov.

Also remember: Prokopiev’s day is unpredictable! Anything can happen, both good and bad. Open your home to family, friends and acquaintances. If you ask for something, give it, you can’t refuse. AND! Going on the road — listen to your feelings! Easy and free? Go on — the path will be good. If you feel anxious, then it is better to postpone the trip. Dangerous.

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