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March 13 — Vasily-Kapelnik Day. Wish the elephants well

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Why Vasily-Kapelnik Day? Because Winter cries — drops appear.

The main tradition of the day: girls sing stoneflies and bake kalachi. It was believed that if you eat a piece on an empty stomach, you will be happy.

The weather signs are:

  • Has the snow melted on the roofs yet? The thaw will start soon.
  • Long icicles on the roofs — to a good harvest of flax, however, one cannot count on warming in the coming days.
  • It started to rain — it will be fine in the summer.
  • The thawed edges are “steep” — spring will be good, and summer will come quickly.
  • Ringing drops — in the summer there will be a big harvest.
  • Rooks have arrived — the snow will melt soon, but there will be a lot of rain in the summer months.
  • Circles are visible around the sun — the year will be fruitful.
  • Cloudy weather on March 13 — at night there will be frosts.
  • The south wind is blowing, but the drops are ringing — to a good harvest.
  • Sunny day — the year will be fertile.

AND! The people believed that in sunny weather on Vasily, the air on the street has healing powers.

Name days are celebrated today: Arseny, Vasily, Kira, Marianna, Marina, Nicholas.

The Church today honors the memory of St. Basil the Decapolites. He lived in the 7th-8th centuries, was a monk and a Christian confessor. He is famous for the fact that even in difficult times he did not deviate from the Christian faith.

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And in Thailand, March 13 is celebrated as National Elephant Day! The celebration is celebrated by holding large-scale events. But, if earlier Thais celebrated this day exceptionally joyfully, today with a share of sadness. The number of elephants in the country is drastically reduced. A century ago, there were about a hundred thousand wild and domestic elephants in Thailand, and today there are only 3-4 thousand. Despite the fact that in the wild they are practically non-existent.

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