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March 15 — Fedotov day. Do good! Evil will be done without you …

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Fedotov’s day was also popularly called Agathon’s Day, Winds-Whirlwinds, Fedot-ovchinnik and Agathon-bean goose. It was believed that on March 15 strong winds walk the Earth. At the same time, however, they did not even think about winter. They believed that the bitter frosts would never return. They said: “Avdotya Fedot did not ask — she equipped the spring. And Fedot either rips off the roof, then turns the woodpile — all the men cares.»

As for the weather, on March 15 it was predicted for the coming days and months:

  • Long icicles — for a long spring.
  • What is the weather today, so will July be.
  • Is there a warm and south wind blowing? Summer will be rainy and warm. A cold north wind with snow portends a cold summer.
  • Frosts hit — to bad hayfields.
  • Does the sun shine at noon? A good sign — there will be a rich harvest of bread.
  • A snowstorm and snowfalls on Fedot — the first grass will appear very late.
  • It snows in the morning — expect a good harvest of grain crops.
  • Snow falls at noon or late in the evening — the harvest of bread will be late.
  • It snows all day — the heat will not come soon.

Name days are celebrated today: Joseph, Arseny, Nikolai, Fedot.

And on March 15, the world celebrates Good Deeds Day. This date appeared in the holiday calendar in 2007 in Israel. And since then, the triumph of goodness has been celebrated in different countries. How to join the celebration? And very simple! Do a good deed and you are “in business”.

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And one more thing: do not think that someone will do it … This someone will almost certainly think the same way and there will be no more good in this world …

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