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March 16 — Eutropian day. The sun is the main character

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 16, the church honors the memory of the holy martyr Eutropius of Amasia. He lived at the turn of the third and fourth centuries. During the persecution of Christians, he defended the faith, for which he paid with his brother — he was crucified.

Our ancestors, on Eutropian Day, revered the Sun and called on him to protect the fields and crops from diseases, frosts and pests. They were sure: the luminary hears those who respect him, and will certainly be merciful.

And the people also believed that today the bear is waking up and getting out of the den. Therefore, walking into the forest on March 16 was strictly forbidden.

As for weather signs, then:

  • Starlings have arrived — there will be a rich harvest of grain.
  • Tits chirp loudly — to heat. They chirp sadly and lingeringly — there will still be frosts.
  • Bullfinches sing under the window — to warming. They sit in flocks in the snow — to the snowfalls.
  • At noon, a crow screamed in the south — it will get warmer soon. If she croaks on the north side, the cold is coming.
  • Crows bathe in the snow — to clear weather.
  • All the birds flew in — to the heat.
  • Wagtails flew in — to the ice drift.
  • Geese fly high — to a big flood. They fly low — there will be little water.
  • The sun is hidden — it will rain.
Name days on March 16 are celebrated by: Martha, Sevastyan, Mikhail.
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