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March 17 — Gerasim-Grachevnik. If the rooks have arrived, real spring will come

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Gerasim-Grachevnik is another day of spring on which they watched birds. It was believed that if migratory birds began to restore their nests, then spring had already come irrevocably and the warmth was about to be firmly established. Rooks were especially revered by the people. They even prepared a special treat in their honor — birds were baked from rye sour dough.

The church now honors the memory of the monk Gerasim of Jordan, who lived in the 6th century. He is known from the fact that he went to the Egyptian desert and founded a monastery there. One of the monk’s miraculous deeds was to heal a lion, which, in gratitude, became Gerasim’s true friend.

Signs of today:

  • If the rooks have arrived, real spring will come.
  • The rooks arrived earlier on March 17 — the year will be lean.
  • If the rooks sat on the old nests — wait for spring in the near future.
  • Sunny and clear weather — there will be a lot of berries in the forest.
  • What is the weather on Gerasim, so will next winter.
  • Migratory birds break away from their homes — there will be a flood. Strong winds and rain can also be expected.

Name days are celebrated today by: Alexander, Vasily, Vyacheslav, George, Gerasim, Grigory, Daniel, Pavel, Ulyana, Yakov.

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