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March 18 is the Day of Konon the Gardener. To the garden!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the Day of Konon the gardener they said — «Konon calls to the garden.» They began to dig vegetable gardens and took manure to them. They were sure: by such deeds they show respect to the owner of the day and the patron of gardeners, for which he, in turn, will certainly thank him with a good harvest.

And it was also believed in Rus’ that from that day on, “matinees” (spring frosts), which happen before sunrise, will be one easier than the other. And there will only be forty of them.

In addition, on Konon-Gradar our ancestors commemorated the dead. They also prayed for the missing, hoping that heaven would hear their prayers and that their loved ones would return home.

The Church honors the memory of Konon the Gradar, who lived in the Pamphylian city of Mandon, as a martyr. He was engaged in the cultivation of vegetable gardens, which is why he got his nickname. In the ancient church menologions, this saint is also called the Stradnik. During the persecution of Christians, he was brutally executed for his faith.

As for weather signs, then:

  • Clear and warm weather — summer will be warm to moderately hot. There will be no hail.
  • Rooks nest — in three weeks you can start sowing.
  • Wagtails have arrived — it will be a warm spring.
  • The first snowdrops appeared in the forest — a sign that plowing can begin.
  • On Gradar, day and night will be equal, winter is ending.
Name days on March 18 are celebrated by: Adrian, George, Ivan, Cyril, Konstantin, Mark, Fedor, David, Iraida and Conan.
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