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March 19 — Constantine's day. In the well — do not spit! And waiting for storks…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On Constantine’s day, people believed, white storks fly to their native land. And even today, water was treated with special reverence. They consecrated, for example, wells, and also went to the bathhouse themselves.

In addition, on March 19, the dead were commemorated in Rus’. There was an interesting custom: they threw the remnants of dinner into the well and believed that this way you could treat the dead. And they tried not to anger those who left that day: it was strictly forbidden to swear and gossip at Konstantin. Also drinking and smoking. The most terrible sin was the desecration of the well. They said: “Spitting into a well is like spitting into your own mother’s eyes.” They were sure that their dead relatives were looking at people from the water.

On March 19, the Church honors the memory of Saints Equal-to-the-Apostles Constantine and his mother Helena. They are famous for their pious life. Also, according to legend, it was Constantine and Helen who found the very cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified.

Weather signs on March 19:

  • Frosty weather — spring will be established soon, and summer will be warm and dry.
  • Frost hit in the morning — this weather will stand for another 40 days
  • Ice is sinking in the rivers — do not expect a good harvest this year.
  • Scillas have appeared — it’s time to start sowing.
  • A woodpecker knocks in the forest — the cold will linger for a long time.
Name days are celebrated today: Arkady, Maxim, Konstantin, Fedor, Julian, Micah, Anfima, Theophila, Jesus.
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