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March 2 — Fyodor Tyrone Day. Winter does not want to leave

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the Day of Fyodor the Tyrone, people noticed, frost always strikes. Well, no matter how winter does not want to give up the reins of power to spring, which has already come calendar. At the same time, March 2 was considered a summer indicator and the weather was determined for the period from June to August. And on that day, for the first time in the last three months, cumulus clouds appeared in the sky.

The weather signs are:

  • Fog in the morning — May will be cold.
  • Cirrus clouds are floating from the western side — it will rain the next day.
  • Black cumulus clouds in the morning — the first rain will be in March.
  • Birds are returning from warm lands — wait for early spring.
  • If from the first days spring is wild, not shy, then it will deceive, there is nothing to believe.

As for Fedor Tiron, who patronizes today. He lived during the great persecution of Christians under Emperor Maximilian (about 305). Known for being an active fighter for the Christian faith: he burned the temple of the goddess Cybele and zealously fought against the pagan gods. For which he suffered — he was sentenced to be burned and he himself went up to the fire.

People prayed to Fyodor Tiron to find stolen things and missing people. And our ancestors also believed that the great martyr was protecting the house from thieves. True, in Rus’ they attributed to him an assistant — a spirit living behind the stove. His name was Vostrukha and they believed that he catches any rustle and warns the owners about uninvited guests. The spirit enjoyed respect among people, he was diligently thanked for his assistance. They fed and watered deliciously: they served pies, sugar, milk.

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Name days are celebrated today by: Hermogenes (Hermogen), Karl, Mariamne (Marimyana, Marianna), Markian, Mina, Papias, Porfiry, Roman, Fedor (Theodore Tyrone), Theodosius.

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