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March 25 — Feofan's Day. Opening of Svarga

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 25, the church honors the memory of St. Theophan the Confessor, a Byzantine chronicler, monk and theologian. He was an example of diligence and heroism. He is credited with the gift of miracles: the healing of diseases and the exorcism of demons.

On March 25, the people said: «Theophanes, break the nast.» They continued to invite and welcome spring. Followed natural phenomena and made weather forecasts for the near future:

  • The snow on the anthill is melting from the north side — the summer will be long and warm.
  • Fog on Theophanes — oats and flax will be born well.
  • The ice on the rivers immediately sinks — the year will be lean.
  • Frost is visible on the trees — a sign that June will be very rainy.
  • On March 25, the weather is truly spring — there will be a lot of rain in the summer.
  • The fog has risen — wait for the rain. And if, on the contrary, it goes down, the weather will be clear.

Name days are celebrated today: Konstantin, Sergey, Grigory, Vladimir, Alexander, Ivan, Dmitry.

And our ancestors, the Slavs, on March 25 celebrated the holiday of the Discovery of Svarga — the invocation of Spring. They said:

Larks, fly! We are tired of winter, We ate a lot of bread! You fly and bring red Spring, hot summer! Spring is red, what did you come for? You are on a bipod, on a harrow … Spring is red, what did you bring us? …

Svarga in Slavic legends is a paradise or «solar country». A place where the souls of dead ancestors live. There, legends say, outlandish trees grow, the air is filled with the aroma of the most beautiful flowers and unprecedented trees live. Svarga, hearing the calls of people, opened up, and the goddess, called Living Spring, descended from heaven to earth. Winter is finally gone…

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