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March 26 — the day of Nicephorus and … Purple day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 26, the church honors the memory of St. Nicephorus. He lived in the VIII-IX centuries and was the Patriarch of Constantinople. Nicephorus is known for his pious life and deeds in the name of faith.

The people believed that on Nikifor’s day, the sun, baking, gets to the bear’s lairs and wakes up the owner of the forest.

By the way, in Rus’ they used to say that a bear is an enchanted person. That is why they treated this formidable beast with exceptional reverence.

As for weather signs, then:

  • Fog on Nikifor — to a rainy summer. Birch trees spoke of the same if they gave a lot of juice these days.
  • An early thunderstorm and a northerly wind promise a cool spring.
  • Geese bathe in water — to a rich harvest of bread.
  • A sunny day means a good grain harvest.
  • The north wind blows and thunder rumbles — the spring will be protracted, and the summer will be cold.
  • If during a thunderstorm a warm, south wind blows, then summer and spring will be warm.
  • Swans have arrived — wait for the snowfall.

Name days are celebrated today: Alexander, Grigory, Christina, Mikhail, Nikolai, Terenty.

And on March 26, the world celebrates a very unusual date — Purple Day. It was invented by nine-year-old Cassidy Megan, who suffered from epilepsy. This disease is dedicated to today. The baby wanted to show people that those suffering from such a difficult illness are no different from them.

Cassidy’s initiative was first supported by the Nova Scotia Epilepsy Association, then other organizations around the world supported the idea of ​​the holiday.

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