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March 28 — Nikander Day. Go to the forest! Chat with his spirits…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

March 28, our ancestors called «forest care». The day was devoted to the forest, going there to bow to the local spirits.

Connoisseurs note that the Russian people from ancient times treated the forest in a special way, because it was he who gave the person the same household utensils or inventory — everything was made of wood. In addition, the forest often performed a protective function, since it is very difficult to pass through a dense thicket. On this day, healers collected herbs and medicinal plants, spoke them, prepared various potions. It was supposed to be on March 28 to remove damage, treat head diseases. It was also a great time for making amulets.

In the church, on March 28, the memory of the holy martyr Nikander is venerated. He, so the legend says, while working as a doctor, did a large number of good deeds towards Christians during the organized persecution of them. Nicander visited prisoners in prisons, consoled the martyrs, buried those who were executed. Once, when Nicander was trying to bury Christians torn to pieces by lions, he was seen by the imperial guards, who seized Nicander, and soon he was executed.

Notes of the day:

  • If there are few spring waters on Nikandra, and they flow slowly, then the year will be unfavorable.
  • On a cloudy day of Nikander, the sun will appear from behind the clouds only at sunset — expect misfortune.
  • Sparrows chirp — clear weather will come.
  • So that the howling of wolves does not interfere with sleep, you need to turn the pillow over.
  • Seagulls have arrived — wait for the ice drift and warm weather.
  • Seagulls swim in the water — it will rain.
  • Sparrows chirp loudly — a sign that the weather will be clear.
  • Bright sunset — most likely, the next days will be very rainy.
  • If, according to the sign of March 28, your head itches, expect minor troubles.
  • Spring waters flow slowly — there will be a crop failure.
  • On this day, you can’t wash your hair — otherwise the omen will become a sign that separation from relatives is coming.
  • To see an angel in a dream on the night of March 28 is a good sign and a sign of longevity.
  • It is necessary to wear a pin on clothes until sunset so that it is not visible to others — this will help to avoid the evil eye.
  • Two rings play a similar role — they can replace a pin.
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Name days are celebrated today by: Alexey, Timofey, Alexander, Denis, Mikhail.

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