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March 3 — Yarilo with oatmeal. Like winter is not angry, but spring has already come

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 3, the people glorified the beautiful oatmeal bird, the appearance of which marked the victory of spring over winter. Our ancestors believed that the God of the Sun Yarilo himself granted this small bird the right to inform people about imminent warming. In her «talk» they heard the call «Leave the sleigh, leave the sleigh!». In honor of the baby bird, they even prepared a ritual dish: special pies made from oatmeal — “oatmeal”. They baked them and hoped that spring would hurry up and come faster.

If we talk about weather signs, then there are a lot of them on March 3. In Rus’, seeing that the weather now has a changeable character, they used to say: “It flows from above — it freezes from below.”

  • Clouds hang high — wait for the weather to worsen.
  • The snow on the fields is uneven — there will be a good harvest of vegetables and grain crops.
  • Fog — summer will be rainy.
  • Urticaria butterflies appeared — the snow will soon melt and this year it will not fall again.
  • Many rivers have flooded — there will be grass in flood meadows, and you can also expect good haymaking.
  • A lot of snow — there will be a lot of bread.
  • Streams flowed — the harvest will be rich.
  • Icicles hang from the roofs — the winter will drag on for a long time and the ice on the rivers will last.
  • Scarlet dawn — soon it will snow.
  • The trees turned black — to warming.
  • The trees are cracking — there will be frosts.
  • The stars twinkle strongly — to a cold snap.
  • Few stars — expect snowfall.
  • The Moon is almost invisible in the night sky — snow is possible in the morning.
  • The bright Moon portends frost, and the circle around her portends cold.
  • Cumulus clouds — the weather will improve.
  • Firewood is crackling in the stove — to a cold snap.
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Name days on March 3 are celebrated by: Anna, Vasily, Victor, Vladimir, Kuzma, Leo, Pavel.

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