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March 4 is the day of Arkhip and Philemon. The birds are calling warmly

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The day of Arkhip and Philemon is listed in the Christian calendar. The memory of these two apostles, as well as Saint Apithia, is venerated. All three lived during the reign of Emperor Neroan (54-68) and suffered for their faith. They were brutally killed.

But among the people — after all, spring is gaining momentum — they called March 4 «Filya spring». They believed that it was necessary to do as many good deeds as possible. They also believed that if today the table is rich, then the family will not starve all year. By the way, the main dish was a loaf, symbolizing the sun. It was cut into many pieces and treated to relatives, friends, acquaintances, and simply travelers walking past the courtyard.

As for weather signs, then:

  • Seagulls fly over the house — to warm weather.
  • Sunny day — the year will be fertile.
  • Snowdrifts around — spring will not come soon.
  • There are a lot of crows and jackdaws on the roads — the weather will be cloudy.
  • Red moon in the sky — the weather will be warm, but damp.

Name days are celebrated today by: Peter, Kazimir, Arkhip, Filimon, Bogdan, Evgeny, Dmitry, Dositheus, Maxim, Konon, Nikita, Timofey, Fedor, Theodore, Theodotus, Apphia.

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