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March 5 is the Day of the Lion of the Roller. Or the holiday «katysha»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In fact, on March 5, the memory of Bishop Leo of Katansky, who became famous for his merciful deeds, is commemorated. This is how this day is marked in the Christian calendar. In Rus’, they did the same with this date, as with all those brought by the church — they changed it in a folk way. And March 5 turned into a holiday «Katysh» or the Day of the Lion of the Roller. Its main tradition is to ride a sleigh down the mountain, seeing off the snow that is already succumbing to the spring sun. They said: «Have time to go sledding while winter is running out.» They believed that the one who would have happiness the longest would roll farthest.

And now the housewives were preparing a kind of ritual dish — they baked koloboks-rolls in cow butter. They called them «kokurki».

The weather forecast for today is:

  • The snow has passed by March 5 — the year will be poor and lean.
  • Magpies and jackdaws swim in the snow — expect a thaw.
  • It started snowing with rain — expect a rapid flood of rivers and even a thaw.
  • Flocks of jackdaws and crows soar high in the sky — a sign that there will be snowfall.
  • During the rain from the west, the sky clears up — the weather will be warm and dry in the near future.
  • The direction of the wind changes — the thaw will be short-lived.

Name days on March 5 are celebrated by: Anton, Athanasius, Vasily, David, Denis, Ivan, Ignatius, Cornelius, Leo, Leonty, Nikolai, Samson, Sergey, Tikhon, Fedor, Philip, Yaroslav.

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