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March 6 — «Timofey began, the door smelled of warmth»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

“Timofey began, the door smelled of warmth” — such a saying was accompanied by the people on March 6. And it was today that the old people, for the first time in the last cold months, got out on the mounds and gossiped and rowed about this and that.

They also thought — what kind of Timothy Vesnovey, this will be the spring:

  • The east wind is blowing — spring will come soon. The south wind foretells warm weather with rains, and the north — cold weather.
  • Blizzards and snowfalls on March 6 are deceptive — in a few days, the long-awaited warming will still come.
  • The snow has melted around the trees and left gentle edges — soon it will be warm.
  • If the edges are steep, expect cold days.
  • Streams flowed early — a sign that sowing will also be early.
  • Spring has come quickly — expect early autumn.
  • The swallows have arrived — warm days are about to come.
  • There are high snowdrifts in the yard — the weather will be warm.

Please note! On the night of March 6, only prophetic dreams are dreamed!

Name days are celebrated today: Alexander, George, Grigory, Daniel, Zakhar, Ivan, Konstantin, Olga, Pavel, Timofey.

And on March 6, many countries around the world celebrate a wonderful and very tender holiday — Snowdrop Day. This flower is considered a symbol of hope. And, for example, in Europe and England, there is an old belief that snowdrops planted around a house protect its inhabitants from evil spirits.

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