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March 7 — Mauritius Day. Have the rooks arrived?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the Day of Mauritius, it was believed in Rus’, birds begin to return to their native lands. And they carry spring on their wings. The weather forecast today is as follows:

  • If pigeons coo, and tits sit on nests — to good weather and warming.
  • A clear sun flaunts in a cloudless sky — the weather will soon change.
  • The dawn is light pink or golden — the weather will be very good.
  • Foggy day — summer will be wet.
  • Cold weather on the day — summer will also be very rainy. Similar weather is expected if there is fog.
  • Spruces and pines are rustling — warming will come very soon.
  • It is snowing, a blizzard has broken out — a sign that cold days are ahead.
  • Clouds hang high — wait for rain and snow.
  • Smooth snow promises a lean year, and loose snow heralds a rich harvest.
  • Rooks make nests — spring will be warm.

Name days are celebrated today: Varvara, Vladimir, Andrey, Victor, Elizabeth, Athanasius, Irina, Ivan, Mikhail, Joseph, Praskovya, Stepan, Nikolai, Sergei, Fedor.

And in the United States, March 7 is celebrated unofficially, but National Breakfast Cereal Day. Those very various cereal products, to which the whole world has long been addicted. You too??? Then don’t forget to «congratulate» your breakfast on its «professional celebration» 🙂
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