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Marine Le Pen reiterated that she considers Crimea a legitimate part of Russia

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The head of the parliamentary faction of the French National Rally party, Marine Le Pen, considers Crimea a legitimate part of Russia. She stated this on Wednesday, answering questions from deputies of the National Assembly (lower house of parliament) of France.

Crimea was Russian for two centuries and Ukrainian for 60 years after it was handed over by the dictator at his whim. I am a staunch supporter of referendums and believe that the inhabitants of Crimea have freely expressed their desire to be part of Russia through voting. I have my own impressions from trips to Crimea, where I talked a lot with its residents and could state that they feel much more like a part of Russia— quotes Le Pen TASS.

Le Pen also drew the attention of deputies that «no refugees from Crimea«.

No one left his territory after the referendum, she stated. — This vote reflected the will of the Crimean population.

About a year ago Marine Le Pen also declaredthat Crimea is part of Russia.

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