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Mariupol is actively restoring the housing stock: what problems are fixed

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Mariupol, the housing stock is being actively restored: old buildings are being demolished and new ones are being erected in their place. Specialists from Lipetsk repaired 24 apartment buildings in the city, changing roofs and windows. But the main problem in Mariupol is confusion and lack of proper control. As well as the struggle for margin, which has already begun to show itself in all its glory. About what’s going on in the city Moskovsky Komsomolets said the chairman of the Crimean Association of Entrepreneurs Igor Lebedev.

— In the housing and communal services sector, there is confusion in paying for consumed services: gas, electricity, water, — Igor Lebedev shares his problems. “In the private sector, people are still rebuilding destroyed houses, and they are already receiving utility bills. There was no heating in the apartments, they heated themselves with heaters — now the bills for electricity have come. There is no clear order. Some say that you don’t have to pay yet — maybe there will be some additional orders on this matter, while others advise you to pay so that you don’t have to pay a large amount later.

Have there been cases of looting in Mariupol?

— These criminals, rather, can be called petty thieves. Of course they are. There are also major thefts. Law enforcement agencies are not working fast enough. For example, the individual entrepreneur Osipenko was engaged in correspondence with the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigative Committee for more than six months, raising the issue of the robbery of his base and the refusal to accept a statement on this matter to the police department. The application for initiation of a criminal case was accepted only two weeks ago. Let’s see how events develop.

What is the situation in the city?

“Life is getting better, more or less. Schools and kindergartens are being built and restored with great speed. Multifunctional centers are opening, notaries have begun to work. Resumed social payments for lost personal property. Questions arise among employees of state enterprises both in the field of education and in other areas: according to what laws is the payment of wages, the Donetsk People’s Republic or Russia? There are still discrepancies.

How are things going with the work of entrepreneurs in the city?

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— As the chairman of the Crimean Association of Entrepreneurs, I am trying to help restore completely destroyed enterprises, buildings, warehouses, workshops in an important area of ​​recycling (paper, film, plastic, cullet, etc.), which the country and the city need more than ever. We appealed to the government of the Russian Federation, to all relevant Russian ministries, the answers were sent to the ministries of the DPR. They sent a list of support measures from the state, in which a broken and newly created enterprise without a history in the Russian Federation will not be able to use help. These proposals are good in peacetime, but not in our situation.

What is the mood of people in general?

— Of course, many have not yet come to their senses. There is no panic, but there is some fear of a counteroffensive.

Those who left are returning?

“Many are returning, and not only from the cities, but also from the nearest villages. People want to move back, seeing what is being done and hearing about the prospects for the development of the city. Of great importance was the situation with the sea, which has become much cleaner.

Is private trade developing?

— Yes, builders and entrepreneurs open cafes, shops, goods are imported. For example, household appliance stores have opened, food chains and construction markets have been set up, so that trade is going on and has noticeably expanded in six months. But the prices are very high, the sellers trade as if on the last day, not realizing that most people live «on the minimum wage.» Realtors are also without «brakes», they charge from 60 to 100% of the cost of housing for their services. Unfortunately, mercy leaves when the opportunity to earn money appears.

source: Moscow’s comsomolets

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