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May 1 — Kuzma the Gardener, Walpurgis Night

CrimeaPRESS reports:

1st of May — on this day they tried to plant beets and carrots. In the morning before sowing, the hostess went to the well and sprinkled the seeds with spring water. After that, she threw copper coins into the well — this foreshadowed a rich harvest, according to ancient Slavic beliefs. In some villages, on May 1, they also went secretly to the river for three nights in a row, waited for dawn and lowered the seeds into the water so that no one would jinx the crops.

The people believed that Saint Cosmas was worried that the peasants would not experience hunger and even during his lifetime he constantly helped those in need. That is why, it protects crops from cold weather and dry wood.

It is not surprising that on May 1, Kozma was prayed for a rich harvest. They say that if this day was warm, the second half of May was cold: “To plow on Kuzma in a shirt — to sow in a fur coat.” And the first May thunderstorm, according to legend, brought prosperity. Therefore, when they heard thunder peals, the youth hurried out into the street to catch their luck, and the old people, no longer chasing happiness, only crossed themselves and said: “Send, Lord, still water and warm dew.”

May 1: signs of the day

  • The cuckoo cuckoos — warm days are coming.
  • If the day is hot, then the second half of the month will be cold. If May 1 is cool, then the last spring month promises to be warm and cozy.
  • Rowan blossomed — the heat will be persistent.
  • Bird cherry blossomed — wait for a cold snap.
  • Leaves appeared on the bird cherry — it’s time to plant potatoes.
  • Rain — to a good harvest of rye.
  • Dreams from April 30 to May 1 bring prosperity. Will be fulfilled for those who were born on this day. A dream seen on the afternoon of May 1 predicts events in the near future.

Also today there is one interesting custom that brings good health and youth to all elderly people. You need to finish the last spoon for the youngest member of the family and at the same time say special words. Then youth will not only be preserved, but will return.

All these miracles are possible only if a person on this day is not sad and in a bad mood. Because desperate evil forces flock to the weakness of the soul — they send damage and doom to misfortunes.

The peasants consider this time to be an unfavorable moment for marriage, they say, “you will toil for the whole century, and you will recognize treason in your own house.” Folk wisdom: the richer the treat at the wedding, the happier the life of a married couple will be.

The night from April 30 to May 1 is considered mystical. For different peoples of the world, this night is associated with the holiday of witches and all evil spirits. In the Slavic tradition, this night is called Zhivina night or Velesova. Europeans call it Walpurgis Night.

It is believed that witches flock to the Sabbath on Walpurgis Night. There was a belief that witches sat on broomsticks and flocked to the mountain, where they spent their time in dancing, fun and violent debauchery.

The holiday got its name in honor of Saint Walpurgis, who, being a nun, performed many miracles. After her death, the nun was canonized as a saint. She was depicted on icons with a dog, which symbolized a guide to the world of the dead, and with a triangular mirror capable of showing the future.

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It was believed that on Walpurgis Night you can see your future and call on higher powers for help, making contact with the afterlife. It should be noted that the night from April 30 to May 1 is really special. At least that’s what astrologers say. The combination of Mercury and Venus in Aries establishes a strong connection with the past, which is activated with the help of Pluto, the patron of the dead. It turns out that on this night the doors to another world are really open and you can establish contact with the souls of the dead.

Today, Walpurgis Night has become a holiday that is entertaining. It is especially actively celebrated in European countries. On this day, bonfires are lit to welcome spring and carnival processions and games are held to ward off evil spirits. However, people still believe in signs and beliefs associated with this holiday.

Name day for Victor, Cosma, Vasily, Yefim, Mikhail, Tamara, Ivan

On May 1, the church celebrates St. Kuzma’s Day

On May 1, the Orthodox Church venerates St. Cosmas the Confessor, Bishop of Chalcedon, who opposed iconoclasm, who is often called the creator of canons to the glory of the Lord. Saint Cosmas, Bishop of Chalcedon, and the Monk Auxentius, his associate, lived in the 9th century, at a time when the iconoclasts were persecuting adherents of Orthodoxy. Saint Cosmas, a native of Constantinople, went to a monastery in his youth and took monastic vows. Subsequently, he was ordained Bishop of Chalcedon and zealously defended the Orthodox faith against heretic iconoclasts. The Monk Auxentius was the helper of the saint in this struggle.

The iconoclasts repeatedly tried to win over the saint to their side, but he remained faithful to Orthodoxy to the end. Saint Cosmas did not obey the decree of Emperor Leo the Armenian on the removal of holy icons from churches. For this he was expelled from the pulpit and exiled to prison.

When the saint was returned from exile, he, together with the Monk Auxentius, continued to defend the veneration of holy icons. From the incessant persecution, Saint Cosmas weakened in body, but remained just as firm in spirit. Saint Cosmas and Saint Auxentius unshakably preserved the Orthodox faith until their very death.

Also celebrated on this day:

  • Global Love Day
  • Spring and Labor Day (International Workers’ Day)
  • tangled leg day
  • May 1 — Wind Ride Day
  • Birthday postage stamp
  • International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day
  • Living day
  • Saint Joseph’s Day
  • May 1 — Gopher Day — Canada
  • Lily of the Valley Day — France
  • Spring Day — Estonia
  • May 1 — Save the Rhino Day — USA
  • Day of Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan
  • National Chocolate Parfait Day — USA
  • May Day (Maifeiertag) — Germany
  • Hawaiian Dance Festival (Leya Day) — Hawaiian Islands
  • Spirit of Speyside Whiskey Festival — United Kingdom
  • Loyalty Day — USA
  • Celtic holiday of the beginning of summer (Beltane) — Ireland
  • May 1 — Awakening Day of the Good Goddess — Ancient Rome
  • Maharashtra Day — India
  • Constitution Day — Marshall Islands
  • Virgen de Chapi — Peru
  • Constituent Assembly Day – Latvia
  • May 1 — Executive Coaching Day — USA
  • Name day for Victor, Cosma, Vasily, Yefim, Mikhail, Tamara, Ivan
  • Kuzma Ogorodnik

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