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May 10 — Semyon-Ranopashets. Evil spirits are somewhere nearby — behave yourself

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On May 10, the people were sure that the evil spirit was getting closer to people. True, they did not defend themselves against such «visits», but behaved cautiously. They did not mention the “dark ones” once again in the vanity, tried not to conflict, not to sin and not to use swear words.

Peasants on May 10 began to plow the fields, worked in vegetable gardens and orchards. At the same time, it was believed that one should not eat a single grain prepared for sowing, since this would prevent a rich harvest. They said to Semyon-Ranopashets: «Plow early, don’t be lazy — and there will be a rich harvest.»

The weather signs are as follows:

  • Thunder rumbled until May 10, the larks began to sing, the forest was dressed in foliage, and the frogs began to croak in the swamps? It’s time to plow the field and the harvest will be rich.
  • Do clouds move quickly across the sky? To prolonged bad weather.
  • Heavy rain on May 10? To a good harvest of rye.
  • The birch leaves have fully unfolded — it’s time to plant potatoes.
  • Is the grass dry in the morning? In the evening you have to wait for rain.
  • If fog appeared in the lowlands on the evening of May 10, then the bad weather will end and warming will come.
  • It is clear in the morning, but at noon cumulus clouds appeared in the sky and disappeared by evening? Frosts are possible in the near future.
Name day on May 10 is celebrated: Nikolay, Ivan, Peter, Anastasia, Sergey, Pavel, Semyon, Stepan, Anton, Antonina, Isidor, Maria.

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