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May 11 is Jason's Day. Have you fallen ill? Catch the south wind! And collect birch sap

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Other «names» May 11 — Maxim’s day, Maxim and Jason, Maxim-birch. The people firmly believed that this day was endowed with real magical power. The main thing was to collect birch sap. It was said that today it has healing properties. Able to help in the treatment of edema, arthritis, scurvy, anemia, gout, furunculosis. In addition, people who know today prepared various drugs from plantain, coltsfoot, nettle.

And on Jason’s Day, our ancestors were «sorcerers» — they caught a warm spring wind from the south in a votive amulet at the crossroads. Then it was hung around the neck of the patient, and then, according to the folk belief: «The wind is warm — there will be a big man.»

The weather signs are:

  • Clear sunrise, not a cloud in the sky? Summer will be sunny.
  • On the night of May 11, is the night warm and starry? For a bountiful harvest.
  • The south wind is blowing — there will be many thunderstorms in summer.
  • Was there a downpour and the temperature dropped before it ended? The weather will improve in the coming days.
  • Dandelions have just bloomed — the summer will be dry.
  • The stars twinkle strongly at dawn — soon it will rain.
  • Butterflies hid in sheds and houses — it will be windy and cold.
Name days on May 11 are celebrated: Vitaly, Kirill, Maxim and Anna.

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