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May 14 — Day of Yeremey the harnesser. Summer is very close

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Among the people, this day had several names — Yeremey-jaremnik, Proletye, Zapashnik, Yeremey-harnesser, Yaremnik-Sower of crops. Indeed, a huge amount of sowing work was carried out on Yeremey, and the weather was warm, saying that summer was very close. They also believed that Yeremey harnessed his heavenly chariot and sowed bread, which helped the farmers.

It was also noted that on May 14 gooseberries bloom and swifts arrive.

As for weather signs:

  • Cloudy weather on this day — winter will come early and will be very frosty.
  • Clear weather — to a good harvest.
  • Mosquitoes appeared on Yeremey — it’s time to go to the field and sow rye.
  • There is bad weather — to a harsh winter.
  • Evening dew — to a clear day.
Name days are celebrated today: Yeremey, Efim, Ignat (Ignatius), Macarius (Makar), Tamara, Gerasim, Nina.

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