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May 15 — Day of Boris and Gleb. By sharing the little, you gain more

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Also May was called — Nightingale Festival, Whistle Dance, Whistlers. They said: «Have time to sow bread for Boris and Gleb.» The people believed that the nightingales now begin their songs, and whoever hears a bird trill in the morning will be happy for a whole year. Also by May, ash and pansies were blooming.

On this day, cucumbers and pumpkins were sown. In order for the vegetables to bear fruit, a finger was buried in the ground before sowing. They also prayed, but in the process of landing, on the contrary, they were silent.

The church now honors the memory of the martyr princes Boris and Gleb. They were the younger sons of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir.

As for weather signs, then:

  • Does the nightingale sing loudly all day? Seeing off the spring, and it’s time to meet the summer.
  • A clear sunset on the day of Boris and Gleb — the summer will also be clear and without precipitation.
  • Warm day — there will be dark bread.
  • The nightingale always stops singing before bad weather.
  • Warm day 15 May — to a poor harvest of bread.
  • If the bird cherry blossomed and the nightingales sang, then we can expect a two-week cold snap.
  • The bird sings on bare trees — a sign that there will be a crop failure in the garden.
  • The water has subsided, and nightingale trills are heard — it’s time to start sowing.

Name days are celebrated today: Boris, Gleb, Roman, Zoya, Mikhail, Athanasius, David, Esper, Kiriak and Theodulus.

And also May holiday was celebrated by merchants and merchants — Barish-day. Everywhere unfolded fairs, which sold surplus grain, vegetables, various household items, sweets. For all merchants, successful trading on this day foreshadowed great profits throughout the year. In the evening, after the end of the auction, the merchants arranged large feasts. The poor were also invited to the table, because it was believed that “by sharing the little, you get the big.”

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