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May 17 — Baklushnikov Day. Would you like a wooden spoon?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Why Buckleaf Day? Because it was on May 17 that the peasants prepared the material from which they then made wooden spoons. And they made them from birch, maple or linden. They were a symbol of prosperity and satiety. Spoons were decorated with paintings and carvings. They often carried them with them. In special beautiful cases, in a boot or behind a belt.

The Church today honors the memory of the martyr Pelageya of Tarsia. She lived in the 3rd century in the city of Tarsus in the Cilician region of Asia Minor. She was the daughter of noble pagans, but, having heard from the Christians she knew a sermon about Jesus Christ the Son of God, she believed in Him and wished to remain chaste, dedicating her whole life to the Lord. For her faith, she was severely executed — she was burned. The bones of Saint Pelagia remained intact in the fire and were thrown out of the city by the pagans. Then four lions came out of the desert and sat down near the bones, not allowing either birds or beasts to approach them. The lions guarded the remains of the saint until Bishop Klinon came to that place. He collected them and buried them with honor.

As for weather signs:

  • There are many May beetles — to drought.
  • Viburnum has blossomed — you can sow cucumbers, pumpkin, beans, corn on the beds.
  • No dew on the morning of May 17 — the weather will change.
  • Earrings appeared on flowering maples — you can plant beets.
  • Cuckoo cuckoo? The weather will be good.
  • Frequent and heavy rain — to a rich harvest.
  • If sparrows rush across the sky in flocks and do not find a place for themselves — to the wind.
  • Pale sun — bad weather will last a long time.
  • The turn is blooming — the second half of May will be cold.
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Name days are celebrated today: Ivan, Isaac, Cyril, Clement, Leonty, Maria, Nikita, Nikolai, Pelageya.

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