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May 18 — Day of Arina the nursery. Cucumbers and cabbage

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the day of Arina the nursery, cabbages and cucumbers began to be planted in the villages. The first watering was carefully observed. They noted: if the earth absorbed a lot of water, then the summer will be dry; if the water remains on the surface of the soil, then there will be quite wet weather in the summer months.

AND! The main condition for all work in the field and in the garden was that only women were engaged in them. It was believed: if a man does such work, the plants will sprout, but will not bear fruit.

The Church today honors the holy martyr Irina. She lived in the 1st century, was the daughter of the ruler of Maggedon (a city in Macedonia) Licinius. Having been baptized, the girl studied Christianity, trying to introduce religion to her parents. Father considered it temporary fun. After Irina refused to offer gifts to the idols, he got angry and pushed her under the hooves of wild horses. But they did not touch the girl, but crushed Licinius to death. Irina began to earnestly pray to God for the resurrection of her father. And the Ruler came back to life and believed in the True God. A large family and three thousand inhabitants joined him. After that, Irina began to boldly preach faith in Christ. For this, she was subjected to insults and torment. But each new trial brought people to Jesus who saw how the tortures turned into miracles. More than 10 thousand pagans came to God thanks to an innocent virgin. When Irina learned that she would soon die, she locked herself in a cave. Three days later it was opened, but the girl was not inside. People understood that she had ascended to heaven.

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As for the signs for May 18, then:

  • The birds stopped chirping — to a thunderstorm and rain.
  • Seedlings absorb a lot of water — to dry mowing. If, on the contrary, the soil does not absorb water, then there will be a lot of rain in the summer.
  • Bad weather on this day — to the harvest of bread.
  • On May 18, a goose preens in a dry place — for the cold. If he cleans his feathers in water, it will be warm.
  • Does it rain intermittently? For worse weather.
  • Large clouds are moving from the South to the North — it will rain soon.
  • Does the cat eat grass? It will rain soon.
Birthdays are celebrated today: Adrian, Irina, Yakov.

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