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May 19 — Day of Job the Pea. Dew falls in the morning

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the Day of Job the Pea, the people said, “the dews bloom” — dew often fell in the mornings. If there was a lot of it, then they believed that the harvest would be rich. And it was also considered healing.

On May 19, peas, pumpkins and beans were planted. Moreover, this work was accompanied by conspiracies, and they tried to do it at sunset, so that the sparrows would not see the crops and peck.

Weather signs for May 19 are as follows:

  • The night is warm on Job — there will be a lot of cucumbers, but if it is cold — to a crop failure.
  • Big dew and clear weather May 19 — cucumbers will be born.
  • No dew in the morning? For a change in the weather.
  • Earrings are visible on maples — you can sow beets.
  • If the juice drips from a broken branch — to clear weather.
  • Wasps have chosen open places for building nests — the summer will be damp.
  • Fog at dawn — no precipitation.
Name days are celebrated today:asily, Denis, Ivan, Kasyan, Dim, Barbarian, Bacchus, Donat, Hilarion, Job, Pakhom.

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