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May 21 — Day of Ivan the Theologian. We bake pies, but … we don’t eat!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On May 21, the memory of St. John the Theologian is venerated. He was called by Jesus at the same time as his elder brother James to become a disciple. According to the legends, the evangelist and apostle saw many miracles of Christ, took a direct part in his life, witnessing the most important events. He was present at the Transfiguration of the Lord, and it was John Christ who entrusted the care of Mary after his death.

John the Evangelist is also known as the author of the Gospel, as well as the Apocalypse, the only prophetic book in the New Testament.

The death of John was miraculous. He ordered one of his students to bury him alive, but after a while it turned out that there was no body in the grave. However, every year, ashes emerged from the grave of the holy apostle, possessing healing power.

On May 21, the people baked pies — they didn’t eat them, but they took them out of the village and distributed them to passers-by. It was considered a bad sign not to meet a passerby, and in this case, in order not to invite trouble, they fed the pie to the birds, uttering a special conspiracy.

As for the weather signs associated with the Day of Ivan the Theologian:

  • Nice and clear day — there will be few mushrooms. And, on the contrary, rain during the day — to a good «harvest» of mushrooms.
  • Bird cherry blooms profusely — there will be a wet summer.
  • The moon is covered with haze — the weather will worsen soon.
  • Have the oak leaves blossomed? You can sow heat-loving crops, since the soil is already warming up well.
  • Does the sky turn red tonight? The weather will be fine in the coming days. If the sky is red in the morning — to the rain.
  • Clouds on May 21 are floating upwards — there will be a clear day, and vice versa.
  • Clouds huddle in one heap — to bad weather.
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Birthdays are celebrated today: Adrian, Arseny, Zosima, Ivan (John the Theologian), Mily, Pimen.

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