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May 22 — Day of St. Nicholas Veshny. Serve or feed a beggar … But you can’t swim in the river

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On May 22, the people also called the Day of St. Nicholas the Warm and the Day of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. This saint in Rus’ was very loved and revered. He was considered the protector of travelers and sailors, as well as married couples. In addition, they believed that the Wonderworker especially favors small children and prevents fires.

Previously, on May 22, everyone tried to give and feed the poor, so that throughout the year they themselves would not feel the need for anything.

They tried not to swim in the river until May 22, as it was considered a great sin.

And on the day of St. Nicholas of the Spring, meadows were “ordered” — this was done with the help of twigs and branches, which were stuck into the ground on May 22, so that it was clear: cattle could not be grazed here.

The notes for the day are:

  • Is the morning foggy and wet? To add health and not get sick for a whole year, you need to wash yourself with fresh dew.
  • Frogs croak loudly at Nikola — to a good harvest of oats.
  • Alder blossomed — buckwheat should be sown on May 22.
  • The rain pours all day — to a cold and rainy summer.
  • According to folk signs, on May 22 it was necessary to plant potatoes on this day so that it would be large and tasty.

Birthdays are celebrated today: Nikolai, Severin, Christopher, Akulina, Vasily, Gabriel, Dmitry, Joseph.

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