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May 23 — Day of Simon the Zealot. Time to look for treasures, and work is a sin

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On May 23, people believed that working is a great sin. The only ones who worked today were healers and healers. They collected medicinal herbs in the forest and prepared useful potions from them. It was said that on the Day of Simon the Zealot, plants receive magical powers.

And on May 23, people went in search of treasures! Try your luck! What if a chest of gold is waiting for you?

AND! According to beliefs, on this day the Earth celebrates its name day. So they gave her a rest, tried not to carry out any earthwork, prayed in her honor.

The signs are:

  • The rain is coming — to a rainy summer.
  • Birch catkins burst — it’s time to sow bread.
  • In the morning the bees fly fast — the day will be sunny.
  • The wind blows during the rain — to good weather.
  • By evening, cumulus clouds do not disappear — to improve the weather.
  • The mole scatters the earth around the hole — it will rain.
  • Before dawn, bird songs are heard — by the rain.
Name day on May 23 is celebrated: Onesimus, Taisia, Vasily, Cyril.

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