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May 24 — Mokiy Wet Day. Forget-me-nots bloom everywhere

CrimeaPRESS reports:

People noticed that on May 24, forget-me-nots bloomed everywhere. And they called these days differently: Mokey wet, Mokey day, wet day, etc. The peasants now avoided work, because there was a sign that otherwise the hail would beat all the crops — God would punish for disobedience.

Our ancestors also said that the holiday of the Tsar-grad, the god of thunder, is coming. They believed that from the sky he throws stones — hail. In addition, the awakening of mermaids was associated with May 24th.

And it was on Mokeev Day that they predicted the weather for the summer. The signs are:

  • If on this day the fog that has formed in the evening spreads over the earth and does not end with sunrise, then there will soon be a storm. If it starts to rain that day in the afternoon, then it usually does not last long.
  • Rainy weather on May 24 — there will also be a lot of precipitation in the summer. They said: «If the sky gets thin, then it will rain all summer.»
  • Crimson sunrise — to a thunderous summer.
  • Red sunrise on May 24 — there will be many thunderstorms and fires in the summer.
  • It’s raining — wait for a wet summer.
  • The cat sleeps with its belly up — a sign that there will be not just warm, but very hot weather. If the cat hid its muzzle under the belly, there will be cold and bad weather.
  • High and covered rainbow — to the wind. If the rainbow is flat and low — to bad weather.
Birthdays are celebrated today: Cyril, Methodius, Joseph, Dioscorus, Mokey, Nicodemus.

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