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May 25 — Epiphanes Day. Caution — water lilies bloom, and mermaids are watching them

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Also, the people called Epifan’s Day Ryabinovka, noting that it was during this period that mountain ash began to bloom violently. They always tried to plant this tree not far from the house — they said that the mountain ash protected a person from misfortune.

And on the ponds and lakes by May 25, white water lilies bloom. This flower in Rus’ was called overpowered-grass, because it helped fight a large number of diseases. Including with toothache and poisoning. Moreover, our ancestors believed that the water lily rid houses and even human souls from evil spirits. They collected plants only at a strictly defined time, and be sure to plug their ears. They addressed the water lily affectionately and talked to her before picking.

A prerequisite: you can’t cut a water lily with anything sharp! According to legend, the stem bleeds in this case, because water lilies are mermaids! Forest spirits danced at night, and during the day they turned into flowers. Thus, if you cut a water lily on May 25, you will kill a water maiden. And her girlfriends will definitely take revenge — they will drag her to the bottom and destroy her.

Signs for May 25 are as follows:

  • Sunrise is colored red — for a dry summer.
  • Warm and sunny morning without rain — summer will be dry.
  • There are a lot of May bugs on May 25 — the summer will be dry.
  • Water lilies have bloomed — cold days are left behind.
  • Overcast morning with overcast skies? Summer will be rainy and cold.
  • Are the clouds blue in the evening? The weather will change.
  • Yellow leaves open at the acacia and give nectar — by the rain.
Birthdays are celebrated today: German, Denis, Evdokia, Ivan, Peter, Semyon, Fedor, Philip.

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